I am available for photography sessions in your home (if you live in the Vancouver area) or in any beautiful Vancouver setting. My preference is to use natural light for photos so if your home is small or dark please consider going outside.

Your portrait session will last from one to two hours to allow for multiple clothing changes or snack breaks for children. There is no rush and I fully encourage you to have fun and be yourself while I capture your family. Payment is due in full the day of your photo session. You may pay with cash, cheque, Visa, MC or Interac bank transfer.


Newborns are best photographed within the first 5-7 days of being born. You might think that sounds crazy, I know it’s hard to get out of the house as a new parent but babies are more co-operative during the first few days of being born… So that’s why it’s perfect if I come to your home and set up a little baby studio. It’s the best time to capture them all sleepy and curled up in those cute little newborn sleeping poses…I take my time during these sessions so you can meet the needs of your baby, there is always time to stop and feed or change a diaper… As the mother of two I know how fast this time period goes by and how much those first few days are a blur so make the time to capture those unforgettable moments. You will always treasure  these memories and be so glad you made the time to capture them.

Little Ones

I like to photograph children doing what they do best… being kids. Some ideas for your session may be playing at home, jumping on the bed, going for a walk, spending your time at the beach, or playing in the playground. In the studio I like to have a little chat and make kids comfortable. It’s not necessary to have them be really posed, I like to get them comfortable and get natural expressions and looks.

Kids are at their best when they are rested and well fed, so just after a nap can be a good time for photos. Snacks and drinks are essential for keeping little ones motivated and content. I encourage you to allow your children to be themselves and I will capture the moments that make you love them. Having your children enjoy being photographed makes the session more enjoyable for everyone.

Family Portraits

My family portraits are often the best when we don’t try and make everyone look perfect! I look for moments that matter and are genuine. Everyone sitting together, laying around laughing in bed or having a tickle fight… Mother and child staring at each other and making each other laugh… I might not get a photo with everyone looking at the camera but I will capture some timeless moments of your family.


These sessions usually take place within the last month of pregnancy around the 8 month mark but if you wish to take photos sooner we can take them whenever you are comfortable. Please wear loose clothing for a couple of hours before the shoot because of lines made by tight clothing on your belly. Bring clothing that you fell comfortable in, black stretchy yoga pants, sports bras, tank tops and button up shirts are all good choices. You can be photographed fully clothed or nearly nude or nude, whatever your comfort level is… I have many ideas for poses and I promise to make you comfortable and capture the joy and anticipation of your impending arrival.

What to wear for your photo session

I am definitely a big fan of jeans and t-shirts, but I encourage you to bring a variety of clothing that you like. If you wear clothes that you like and feel comfortable in, you will look your best in front of the camera. Your daughter’s favorite dress, your son’s favorite t-shirt that he wears everyday, these are the moments and things I want to capture for your family. Textured fabrics like woolly sweaters and jeans work well. Bring a variety of colours and include black and white. Avoid logos or clothing with distracting patterns.

Dress for family photos can be a little co-ordinated but should not be totally “matchy matchy”. Bare feet are great as well, as well as only wearing a diaper for the little ones. I even love kids in their birthday suit if you want to capture those chubby tummies and thighs….

Business Portraits

For business portraits bring a variety of styles of clothing and consider the look you want to convey. We can do a few wardrobe changes to get the right look and feel and give you a variety of “looks” to choose from.


Tips for a great photoshoot:

1.       Well rested kids, don’t let them stay up late the night before, no all night raves! J

2.       Feed them well before the shoot, hungry kids have super short attention spans and patience!

3.       Don’t schedule the shoot at nap time, if you know they have a “happy time” book the shoot for that time

4.       Bring them dressed in the clothes you want them to wear, if you don’t want that ratty shirt or pj in the pics don’t even let them bring them or convince you that they will change later… It’s just stalling and will lead to conflict or tears before picture time. Bring them in the clothes you want them to wear, with a few back up outfits that you like.

5.       Choose clothes that look good together, remember that you will all be in a photo together, too many patterns can be chaotic and logos and text on shirts can be distracting. Try laying out all the outfits on the bed and look and see if they seem to work together. They don’t have to be totally “matchy”, they should  just look nice as a grouping.

6.       Do not promise them a treat 5 mins into the session, that it best saved for when you really need it, if you play your “Ace in the hole” too early you won’t have it for later!

7.       Don’t promise them it’s “just one picture” then we can go. I have to take more than “one picture” and the kids won’t trust me or you if we keep using that line over and over!

Do tell them we will have fun and that I will make it as fast and exciting as we can, these won’t be like “school pics” they get to be kids and be silly!


Your portrait session photos take up to 2 weeks to edit and process. You will receive a private link to your password protected gallery where you can see all the images and share links to your favorites with family and friends.

All photos are edited and colour corrected to give you a wide variety of pictures, poses and to give you the best images possible.

All enlargements include custom retouching and can be printed in black and white, sepia or color.

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